I research and study the intersections of performance studies, biopolitics, anthropocene studies and psychoanalytic theory. My essays on digital cultures, critical theory, film, theatre, contemporary art, activism and politics have been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Theatre Research International, Performance Research, Performance Paradigm, About Performance, and Cinema: Journal of Philosophy & the Moving Image; and in many edited collections.

I regularly lecture at international symposia, conferences and institutions. I earned my PhD from Trinity College Dublin in 2012, and am currently a psychoanalyst and diploma candidate at the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich. I am a member of The Anthropocene Atlas of Geneva (TAAG) Advisory Research Group and a member of the organising and scientific committee of the international and interdisciplinary academic and artistic network 'Terror on Tour'. 

Publications (Peer-reviewed Journal Articles)

'Staging the Wreck of the Unbelievable. Performing Ideology: Imaginary Surplus, Alienation and Anxiety' in Performance Research, Vol. 24, No. 5, 2019, pp. 21-26  - available at

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Book Chapters

'Performances of Exposure: Santiago Sierra's Ethical Interruptions' in The Routledge Companion to Theatre and Politics, edited by Peter Eckersall & Helena Grehan, 2019.

''The Biopolitics of ISIS' Iconoclastic Propaganda'' in War and Theatrical Innovation, edited by  Victor Emeljanow, Palgrave, 2017, pp 101-118.

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'Challenging Patriarchal Imagery: Amanda Coogan’s Performance Art' in Crossroads: Performance Studies and Irish Culture, edited by Sara Brady & Fintan Walsh, Palgrave, 2009, pp. 129-144.

Recent Public Lectures

'Towards an Aural Cosmology of the Anthropocene: Ways of Listening to and Learning from "Nonlife"', with Robert A Saunders, Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future at British Museum/ SOAS University of London/Royal Geographical Society, London, UK (September 18, 2020)

'About the Potentiality of Anthropocenic Ruination', Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference (DOPE 2020), University of Kentucky, USA (27-29 February 2020 )
'Sounding the Anthropo(s)cene: The Passion of the Geos in Contemporary Planetary Politics', with Robert A. Saunders, Touching Sound: Passion and Global Politics, Aga Khan University, London, UK (11 October 2019)

'"Eco-iconoclasm": The Trouble with Art in the Anthropocene', The Trouble with Art: Philistinism, Iconoclasm, and Scepticism of Art in Anthropology, Berlin, Germany (21 September 2019)

'Children of Men: Anthropocene’s "Père-version"; Patriarchy's Demise' at the 9th Philosophical Film Festival (PFF) in Skopje, Macedonia (15 May 2019)
'"A Silence that Matters": Art's Transformative Potentiality in the Age of Ecocide', Sustainable Geography – Geographies of Sustainability, 8th Nordic Geographers Meeting, Trondheim, Norway (17 June 2019)

'"Anthropocenic Subjugated Knowledge(s)': A Plea to Perform Politically, and Ethically Otherwise', Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (25 March 2019)

Online Lectures

'Children of Men: Anthropocene’s "Père-version"; Patriarchy's Demise' at the 9th Philosophical Film Festival (PFF) in Skopje, Macedonia (15 May 2019)